... and on that bomb shell

Now, here’s a proposition for you, a day packed with adventure and merriment, tearing through the mountains of the Costa Dorada on safari in a bloody off-road beast… I mean Jeep! Bloody Amereicans it is not a Jeep, it’s a Land Rover for God’s sake, and it’s not a flipping safari either for that matter, where are all the animules, you know… giraffes and lions ? But… it is an adventure and Land Rovers are undeniably better than Jeeps, they just are.

Key Points:

  • Behold the splendor of the Costa Dorada landscape.
  • Set off on an unconventional tourism escapade, steering clear of the clichéd sun-and-sand routine.
  • Tailor-made for aficionados of nature and photography.
  • Indulge in the most breathtaking vistas of a one-of-a-kind natural habitat south of Barcelona, thrusting yourself into an authentic escapade winding through villages and natural parks sandwiched between towering mountains and the coast.
  • Slide into your off-road contraption and navigate the countryside in the wake of your appointed leader. This day-long odyssey whisks you away to enchanting spots, forsaken hamlets where you’ll forge memories to last a lifetime. We’ll take you down paths untouched by the lumbering wheels of conventional buses, to locales tailor-made for lovers of nature and picturesque panoramas. We’ll roll through delightful villages like:- Riudoms, the birthplace of Antoni Gaudí, La Musarra, a spooky abandoned village. Prades, a charming “red town”. 
    Alforja (pit stop for a cheeky refreshment), Arboli, La Morera (nestled within the Montsant Natural Park), Cornudella, and Siurana, a ruined castle with a captivating history looking down on the Siurana Reservoir, perched proudly as one of the loftiest populated points in the province. On this esteemed perch, customers shall revel in unforgettable views of the Costa Dorada and even have the chance for a splash in landscapes teeming with natural and ecological allure — a photographer’s, nature lover’s, and thrill-seeker’s dream.
  • At one of our pit stops, patrons get the chance to relish a pocket-friendly menu. Brace yourself, for this Costa Dorada escapade is primed to morph into a full-throttle adventure.

Rendezvous Point:


Drop-off Point:

Right back where you started!

PS. It’s not a Jeep and it’s not a flippin safari.

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